3 Way Fridge/Freezers

The Benefits Of 3 Way Fridges/Freezers

1. Runs for weeks on one bottle of gas

When you’re staying out in national parks, stopping at a rest area, or bush camping, bottled gas is a very efficient and convenient way to power your fridge. In fact, your 3 way fridge freezer can run for approximately 2-3 weeks on a 9kg gas bottle before it needs refilling. So, you can still do a big shop and enjoy chilled food and drink in the most remote spots.

2. Runs off 240v when mains power is available

Chances are you’ll spend time in some caravan sites along the way. Often you only need to pay a little extra for a powered site. Make use of the mains electricity for your 3 way fridge freezer and it will run efficiently.

3. Runs off a 12 volt battery when driving

When you’re back on the road, gas and mains power are no longer options for your fridge. But there’s no need to worry about all that freshly caught fish spoiling, because your 3 way fridge freezer can run on the 12 volt power from your RV or car battery. Just be sure to switch it to gas or mains when you’re stopped for extended periods so you don’t drain your car battery!

4. Super quiet

Because a 3 way fridge freezer uses absorption technology rather than a compressor, it has minimal moving parts and is exceptionally quiet. Far quieter than your fridge freezer at home. Of course, at home you’re not sleeping in your kitchen – in your RV, nothing is ever that far away from you, so quiet operation is a bigger advantage than you might initially realise.

5. Extremely low maintenance

The same reason 3 way fridge freezers are quiet means they are also low maintenance. No need to worry about lots of routine maintenance while on the road – once installed, they pretty much look after themselves.

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