Cool Boxes & Camping Fridges

If you're heading out on a camping trip and picnic and you've spent time and money on putting together a delicious lunch, the last you want is to find it's no longer fresh when you come to tuck in. That's why it's important to keep your food and drink in a cool box or camping fridge.

Here at Cold-Factor CC, we have a great range of electric cool boxes and camping fridges to choose from, available in various sizes depending on how many people you're with or how long you're away for. We also stock passive cooler boxes and ice packs in case you won't have access to a mains supply but still want to keep your food fresh.

Our electric camping fridges and cool boxes are made to superior quality, so you know you're buying real quality.

How to choose the right coolerbox

Keeping your food and drink cool is essential when you go camping. There are three main ways you can do this: Using cool bags, passive coolboxes or powered coolboxes, and in this video Ian from GO Outdoors shows you the benefits of each.

Portable Electric Fridges

There is little worse than a warm drink to quench the thirst on a summer day when all you really wanted was a cold can, or that slightly soggy ham sandwich that looked so much more enticing when you made it in the morning. Coolerboxes and Coolerbags are an essential when day tripping or camping if you're taking food with you. In this guide we'll explain the differences in the options available and what each of these options is best used for.

Our portable cooler boxes are the ultimate portable fridge, able to keep your food and drink cooler and fresh for longer on your trips around town or your road trip adventures. It is however not a substitute for a proper fridge.

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