Domestic and Commercial Gas Fridges & Freezer

Our household and commercial appliances offer you value for your money with its low maintenance costs, high quality, ergonomic designs and low operating costs using gas instead of electricity. Our household appliances are also conducive to the hot African and Middle Eastern climate providing you with years of excellent working products. Even if you don’t have access to electricity you can still cold store your goods via gas.

Chest Freezers – We combine superior craftsmanship and cost-effectiveness to create durable, visually appealing chest freezers. Our chest freezers re run with gas and are available in traditional white and metallic finishes. Energy consumption is vital; therefore, all of our gas freezers and fridges are designed to be energy efficient.

For Use In Retail And Home

Our freezer and fridges are perfect for commercial use, utilising gas instead of electricity you are able to lower soperating costs and is especially gret if you stay in an area where electricity is limited but you still need to run your business. These freezers are able to reach sub zero temperatures, making sure your frozen products are kept as cold as ice all day long.

The gas fridges are also made with the same innovative thinking, made to keep goods cold all day. It is perfect for your store to keep goods that don't need to be frozen but do need refridgeration to preserve quality, shelf life or to make your beverages stay nice and cold. 

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